To cast the Free Masons to where they belong 

The sworn affidavit above was sent to all sheriffs from San Diego to San Francisco, CA, it reads
Dear Sheriff: Please post the following and /or make it known to all your officiers. I the undersigned Charbel Nasr, CA DL, A1176090 being of sound mind and body declare that I wish to have nothing to do with the secret organization known as the Free Masons, and all its affilites. The above statement is final it takes effect immediately upon your receipt of this letter and may only be changed altered or cancelled by writing to your office.

My story: begins in Feb 2012 when I happened onto the secret of the Free Masons online, I quit my Wall St job after I felt my life was in danger. A life insurance agent came calling after I applied to the Knights of Columbus seeking "protection" needless to say the salesman turned out to be a Mason, how I knew? that's a story for another time. I then ran away to Cape Cod, MA looking for a lawyer, why cause I was surrounded by them 24/7, what do you know, they followed me there to prevent me from finding a lawyer as well. So I headed back to Stamford, CT, where I lived at the time. Lets see what they want, so I offered to talk to them and that is how a five years of torture, deceptions and unfullfilled promises began, of course I could not find a job for everytime I tried they will get in front of me and tell the manager not to hire me, they wanted me to work in a place they control so they can indoctrinate me, fine I don't work then... I could not go to the police for everytime I tried I ended up talking to a Mason the same goes for the ACLU, they followed me there and gave me false contact information the calls I made were answered by someone in the back of a communication truck...

So I lived in their building in White Plains, NY for the last 5 years working on a fund raising for the poor of Lebanon, unbenounced to me that all along they had no intereset in helping the poor of Lebanon or anywhere else their only goal is to make me one of them. A Mason? me?  Not going to happen am no Judas, the more I tried to convinve them the more they got possesive,               then the torture began, its their way of dealing with their subject, but I am not one of them can someone tell them for me?

FF to Mar 2015 I was living at their house in White Plains and had had it with their deceptive practices so I started to look for an apt elsewhere of course no one walks out on the Masons, so they attacked me while I was asleep and hit me on the head above my right eye which caused me to have a cataract, they then shoved something into my rectum which made me feel an electric shock down there and in my testicules, they also left some live things (parasites) into my body which I did not discover till much later, then they proceeded to torture me with electricity to where I could not step into my apt anymore, I slept on the stairs for a couple of nights to regain some energy then I caught the first train to NYC, leaving behing all my personal possesions, from there I left the country, they followed me to lebanon, and in the name of helping the poor they tortured me a lot more once, is that a way to convince someone to join a "philantropic" organization?  But why do they torture you might ask? well here is how it is while our Master is the Lord of Love thier's is the Lord of fear, they do not beleive hence they have no faith, faith is the same as trust, so they are unable to trust and must control things, must control everything.... So I left Lebanon and came back to the States they followed me onto the plane and tortured me in every hotel I stayed in and when I tried to rent an apt they would predict where I was going to be and show up trying to convert me or I could not rent, what did I do? you guessed it I did not rent just simply stayed at hotels, they countinued to torture me and in Stamford at the Crown Plaza hotel I felt I was going to die they were forcing me to leave the town cause they could not torture me there anymore since I had gone to the police, I left for CA where they followed me and tried the same routine no apt unless you deal with us what did I do? stayed in hotels, where they tortured me every single night, let me run away to NY and try what Jesus told us to do, well they accompanied me all the way from CA to New Jersey where after a good good night of torture I went to the police station, the cop there said to me a "Mason may not testify against his brother" I said I am not a  Mason, he then called for an ambulance when I showed him burns on my hads from the electrecution, the ambulance took me to a hospital where I was held against my will and the only way I could leave was to become one of them, what do you think I did? when that torture session ended I was shipped against my will to another hospital where they tried to force me to become a Mason as well (can anyone check has hell frozen over?) 

I vow, to remain true to my faith despite all, I shall not tire, I shall not quit, despite all my injuries which so far include, a cataract, a damaged hearing, a nerve damage in my face, a bleeding ulcer,arthritis, a walking difficulty, slurred speech, damaged kidnies, liver, thyroid, and heart ooo and the cool "urinary incontenance", ultared DNA, and the possibility of having cancer.

 (Then you will know the Truth, and the Truth Shall Set You Free) John 8:32

Therefore whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops. Luke 12:3

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